The HUGE Benefits of Holding DISTX Tokens, explained simply.

You may have heard of $DISTX by now. We’ve had a lot of excitement building and our community is growing quickly. But, what’s the big deal? There are hundreds of hyped new tokens every day. Well, here’s exactly why everyone’s talking about $DISTX.

Huge $DISTX Token Holder Benefit Number 1

The top 200 DISTX token holders will receive a proportionate share of tokens from every token sale held on the DistX platform. If you weren’t aware, DistX is a token sale platform, handling everything from token generation through to token sale, distribution and UniSwap listings for new and exciting projects.

When a team runs an token sale through DistX they deposit all of their tokens into our pool. For example if their tokens are called ABC Tokens, they might deposit 100,000,000 into our pool ready for their token sale. 2% of those tokens, that’s 2,000,000, are shared among the top 200 DistX token holders! Those holders are simply added to the distribution list for that token sale. That means you receive FREE tokens from every single project running through the DistX platform, just for holding DISTX tokens.

The benefit here is obvious, but let me make it even clearer with an example. Let’s say ABC token has a token sale and is selling for 5c per token. You receive them for FREE, because you’re a DISTX top 200 holder. So not only did you get free ABC tokens, you got them during token sale stage, right as everyone else is scrambling just to get into the sale. Few weeks later, ABC token is trading at 20c. A month later, it’s $1. Your free share of tokens is now a substantial holding with serious value. And all you had to do was be a top 200 DISTX holder!

The benefit to the token sale team, is adding 200 more token holders to their sale (it’s always good to have more token holders) as well as all the confidence added to their sale by using DistX, and the free promotion and exposure too. And all it cost them was 2% of the tokens plus some of the raised ETH for fees. Everybody wins!

Huge $DISTX Token Holder Benefit Number 2

As well as free tokens for nothing (which is HUGE) there is another great benefit that will helps ALL $DISTX token holders, not only the top 200.

When a team runs a token sale through the DistX platform, 2% of their raised ETH will be used as a fee. Half of this fee covers all the gas required for the token distribution including the DISTXR tokens and redemptions. The other half which is 1% of all raised ETH, is used to buy and burn $DISTX from the exchanges, making it a deflationary token.

Here’s an example again with ABC token. They sell out their token sale, raise 2,000 ETH. 2% of this is kept aside, which is 40 ETH. 20 ETH is used to cover their gas fees as mentioned above (and any remainder is DistX revenue for future development). The other 20 ETH buys $DISTX from the exchange, let’s say UniSwap. All of the DISTX bought from the exchange is immediately burned — removing it from circulation forever. Obviously, once DistX is running several successful token sales per week or even per day, this is going to add up very quickly. Supply will continue to be reduced every single token sale.

So not only will a lot of people be holding $DISTX to remain in the top 200 for free rewards, the actual circulating supply will be constantly reduced. The net result is that $DISTX is likely to become very hard to find, and in high demand, in a very short time.

I hope this article outlines the benefits clearly, but we are always around to explain them further in Telegram.

Development is going well and we will have constant updates and news including exchange listings, partnerships, team hires, marketing releases and more great progress all the time. Patience may be required compared to some other projects in this space, that appear overnight, pump and then collapse within days or weeks. We are here for the long haul and we are genuine. We’re really doing this. DistX is happening as a launched product, not just a concept. Check out our whitepaper for more in-depth info. Enjoy the ride!

Daniel & Adrian


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