Never Sellephant!

It’s time to give away the Never Sellephant NFT! Never Sellephant is the second in our 10 collectible series.

As a reminder, the first 5 people to collect all 10 of these collectible NFT’s will win 20,000 DISTX each! Massive!

How to collect Never Sellephant!

As the name implies, Never Sellephant is for our DISTX community who haven’t moved their DISTX out of their wallet in quite some time.

This NFT is for any DISTX holder who has held their DISTX (minimum 500 DISTX) in their wallet for 14 consecutive days without moving their tokens out of their wallet or selling those tokens.

This means, your wallet needs to have an inbound transaction of DISTX and no outbound (to exchanges or wallets) for 14 consecutive days.

This doesn’t need to be from today it can be any time since you received your token.

Once you have 14 consecutive days, or if you already do, simply head to our google form and enter your address.

To make it fairer to new holders, no NFT’s will be sent out for 7 days. After that, they will be sent out to everyone who has that 14 day period.

Short Version!

You need to have a 14 day period on etherscan for your address with no outbound DISTX transaction, then submit the google form and you’re done!



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