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Hey All!

Exciting times here at DistX as usual! It’s almost time to get your Carbon tokens, less than 8 hours left!

As most of you know, this was our first sale that successfully completed and it’s been a real learning curve for myself and everyone involved.
Because of our experiences, there are some changes to all future sales and a slight change to how you can redeem your carbon tokens.

Issues Faced

As with any initial launch, there’s always hiccups along the way. We had three main complaints about the sale process and a ton of positive feedback which is always appreciated. Below are the three;

  1. DISTXR is confusing as all hell, people expect to get their tokens immediately.
  2. The connecting of your wallet can be a little odd on mobile.
  3. People want to buy multiple times from the same address.

All in all, not too bad for an initial process. I’m going to run through how we are fixing all of those three issues individually, most of which will apply post carbon.

DISTXR Confusing

This is probably the biggest complaint and the only one that matters for most of you who bought into carbon :)

Right now, ethereum is in a good space and so is DistX. We’ve done so many gas optimisations our total costs for the carbon project, including adding to uniswap and deploying lock contracts and locking tokens, has come out to a whopping $74!

I know I know, it’s going to have to be noodle time here at the DistX office while we build up our savings again :D.

Jokes aside, that’s honestly so cool to see everything come together so cheaply. Now if you look at the 1% fee for gas redemption, it’s currently around $9000 we take from the carbon sale.

Rather than dumping the entirety into the staking process for the first release and since we are already putting $10k worth of eth into it, we’re going to use some of that (estimated $2k) and airdrop out all the carbon tokens directly to buyers, top 200 and lottery winners. Rather than coming to the site and burning your distxr to receive your carbon tokens, it’s going to be sent directly to your wallet without you having to do anything similar to how we did the dettapay refund.

In the spirit of full transparency, I’m not going to sit here and pretend it’s because we love all of you (which we do) and we want to do something nice (which we do). It’s because there are issues with DistXR we couldn’t have anticipated before the first sale, which have been fixed for Chalice and all future sales.

People bought into the Carbon sale using wallets that they had trouble connecting on-site (Trust and Coinbase being the two main ones). They are now noticing that in order to transfer their DistXR they are required to use rarible or open sea or some NFT sending wallet. Metamask seems to be having a similar issue on desktop, but only for some people as it detects it as ERC20.

The redemption process requires you to send that DistXR to the contract to burn it, obviously an issue if you can’t send using your wallet directly!

Rather than trying to troubleshoot those wallets we decided this time we will enable the backup automation, it’s built into the contract, to do an airdrop and use the gas fee for that purpose.

In the future, we’ve added ERC20 capability into the DISTXR token which will allow standard wallets to send it directly. Tested and confirmed.

TL;DR Carbon will be airdropped directly to the wallet you purchased on, no need to do anything :)

If you’re one of the 5 people who moved their DistXR feel free to DM me and we can send it where the DISTXR is sitting right now.

Connecting Wallet is weird on mobile

This is a huge complaint we got during the carbon sale, most people seem to have tried a few times and then had no issue so it’s very intermittent.

We deployed some fixes mid sale for it which also alleviated some of the problems.

Going forward, we’ve changed the sale contracts to do everything they do now but with a direct send to the contract. That means for all future sales rather than coming to the site you can just send your eth directly to the contract address and receive your distxr as per normal.

That should help anyone not using a dapp wallet as they can just send from anywhere to buy into the sale. It also lets us do some cool things like using ENS names for the contract address, for example when you buy into GLHF you can send your tokens directly to the octopus emoji. eth domain. The screenshot below as medium doesn’t allow the emoji.

That should alleviate anyone who has issues connecting a wallet and just make things easier overall as one step in the process is removed, obviously, you can still go to the site and do it normally too if you’d prefer which I’d recommend so you know it’s always the right address.

Multiple buys per address

I’m not going to go into this one too much, the idea was to cut down on array storage bringing gas super low per buy but since we’ve started deploying a new sale contract per sale there’s no need for it.

From now on including chalice, you can buy multiple times from each address as long as you stay under the max per address (25 eth for example).


Finishing up

We love transparency, if you’ve followed me for a while you know it’s something I push everywhere.

Hopefully, this helps you guys understand all the dev work happening behind the scenes and makes the next few sales slightly more smooth!




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