DistX Token Sale and Progress Update

Hello DistX followers!

We’ve had a huge week and your support and contributions have been overwhelming. DistX already looks set to be a huge success!

On Wednesday we held the DISTX token presale round. 10M DISTX were up for grabs… for a whole 17 minutes! A large part of that contribution was due to several pools operating in the background, with many contributors in each pool. As a result we only had around 30% of the presale tokens available by the time it officially commenced.

Well, we have a similar situation for the public sale. There are some pools organising contributions right now (featuring many individuals) and as a result, our revised total DISTX available in the public sale is now 9,000,000. Yes, this means you’ll need to be quick to participate, when the contribution address is announced at 1pm UTC today (countdown timer link).

So we have 9M DISTX available for public sale, at 9,000 DISTX per ETH. Minimum contribution 1 ETH, Maximum 25 ETH. Do not send from any exchange wallets, only personal wallets such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask etc. Do not send to any address NOT posted by me (Daniel Abela) or Adrian Daluz, in our Telegram group. We will not post the address until the group is muted, ignore all addresses you see before then. Please join our Telegram for details and to participate.

The response to our presale was so great, it has really already confirmed that not only is DistX a viable project, but we can really do great things with development, marketing and exchange listings. As I hinted at yesterday, we’ve already been in discussions with some high quality exchanges and listings are imminent. We will announce these when they are confirmed, but it is high on our priority list. Since we smashed our funding soft cap already, we can also now comfortably look into paid marketing options. Nothing is cheap in this space because there are so many projects with healthy budgets. Thanks to you contributions we have a lot of options now, too.

As you may be aware, we are quite public and available. Come and chat with us any time (if it’s not 3am in Australia) and get to know us. We find it very easy to answer questions, even so early in development, because we’ve planned DistX very well and we’re very experienced.

A common question we see is “when UniSwap?”. The answer is “very soon after the public sale ends”. First the public sale, then UniSwap listing and liquidity added, then DISTX tokens distributed. There are important reasons why it’s important to get UniSwap done before distributing tokens.

Hopefully this is the last token sale you’ll need to “trust” the team with, as the DistX platform will remove a lot of the risk involved in future token sales. As a top 200 DISTX token holder you will also be entitled to very healthy rewards. On that topic, here is a great video review by CYT Crypto that I highly recommend watching. Steve does a great job of understanding the benefits and potential. His green flags and red flags are all very fair. He did not ask for any payment, but we offered because we don’t like to see people work for free (and he obviously put some hours into the research).

I want to personally thank you all again for your tremendous support. Adrian and I are very appreciative and excited to deliver on our promises. We are designers and creators, that’s what we do best and what we enjoy doing the most.

See you all in Telegram for the public sale!

Daniel and Adrian
Telegram: t.me/distxio
Twitter: twitter.com/distxio

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