DistX — The Most Rewarding and Flexible Token Sale Platform

Introducing DistX

DistX is a brand new token sale platform offering a heap of amazing features to allow token sale teams and participants flexibility, security and peace of mind.

To learn about all the best features of the DistX platform, check out distx.io now. The benefits for token sale holders and participants are clear.

The benefits for DISTX token holders are even better! The top 200 DISTX token holders are entitled to share in 2% of all tokens from all token sales run through the DistX platform. As an example, if you hold 1% of all DISTX tokens and a token sale sells 100M of their “ABC tokens”, you’ll receive 1% of 2M tokens = 20,000 ABC tokens, free! You’ll simply be added as a token recipient with the rest of their token sale participants.

On top of that, 1% of all ETH raised by token sale teams will be used to buy and burn DISTX tokens. This makes DISTX a deflationary token and the potential for large and frequent burns is clear.

So in summary, DISTX tokens give you free tokens from all token sales, plus they are regularly bought and burned after every successful token sale.

DISTX Token Details:

Total supply: 50,000,000
Symbol: DISTX
Type: ERC-20
Address: 0x4b4701f3f827e1331fb22ff8e2beac24b17eb055

DISTX Token Sale details

Presale commences: TODAY, Wednesday August 26 at 12pm UTC
10M DISTX available at 12,000 DISTX per ETH (approx 3.2c)

Public sale commences: Friday, August 28 at 1pm UTC.
15M DISTX available at 9,000 DISTX per ETH. (approx 4.2c)

Both sales are hosted in our Telegram group at t.me/distxio

Contribution addresses will be provided in our Telegram group at this above mentioned times. DO NOT send to any addresses not given to you by our team, at those exact times.

All unsold tokens from the token sale allocation will be burned.

Team tokens will be timelocked and released at set intervals.

Marketing and Exchange Listings

We will list DISTX on UniSwap shortly after the sale is completed. We intend to add $250k liquidity at first (assuming a successful token sale), with a starting price of $0.05. It’s important to be strategic with UniSwap listings and add liquidity at the right times. UniSwap liquidity will be locked.

We will pursue more exchange listings. No guarantees can realistically be made as individual applications need to happen, however we will be approaching major exchanges and use any funds necessary to ensure quality listings. Each major exchange have their own criteria for listing, hence we cannot make any guarantees.

Funds will be set aside for marketing on product launch to ensure a successful and popular platform. We are dedicated to launching a successful product.

Partnerships will also be a heavy focus.


The following roadmap is proposed:

Presale — SOLD OUT!!
Wednesday August 26 at 12pm UTC

Public Sale
Friday, August 28 at 1pm UTC.

Whitepaper Release
Tuesday, September 1

UniSwap Listing
Early September

Marketing and partnership focus
Mid September Onwards
+ More Exchange Listings

DistX Platform Launch + marketing!
Late December


We are anon. Just kidding. We’re very public and highly experienced in this space.

Adrian Daluz
Founder and Lead Developer

Daniel Abela
Founder and Designer / Biz Dev / Marketing

We also have contractor developers, designers and marketing specialists as well as community moderators committed and available. Advisors may also be joining the team soon, as required (we like our advisors to actually add some value!).


Website: distx.io
Telegram: t.me/distxio
Twitter: twitter.com/distxio

See you in Telegram!




The most rewarding and flexible token sale platform.

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The most rewarding and flexible token sale platform.

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