DistX Partners with CryptoAdventure

You may have noticed a common theme in our recent partnerships including BitBoy Crypto, CoinStats and ProBit. We’re seeking to expand our service offering and give successful projects coming through our platform a great head start, with exchange listings, coin price information, YouTube promotion and more.

One area that is essential for any new project to succeed is marketing, including project awareness, community management, press releases, featured articles and more.

For this reason we have also partnered with CryptoAdventure — a comprehensive and hard-working crypto marketing service with a great following. They’ll be offering promotional packages to our successful token sale clients, and will also be promoting DistX as well.

CryptoAdventure have a great team, very professional and friendly and most importantly they put in the hours to achieve great results for their clients.

Crypto Adventure
Web: cryptoadventure.org
Twitter: twitter.com/CryptoAdventure

This partnership is just another way we can tap into existing communities, share mutual services and continue to grow.

Things continue to fall into place for us and we’ll have constant updates and news as we get closer to our launch on October 28.

Daniel & Adrian
Web: distx.io
Twitter: twitter.com/distxio
Telegram: t.me/distxio


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