DistX Partners with BitBoy Crypto

DistX are excited to announce a strategic partnership with one of the most popular forces in crypto — BitBoy!

BitBoy recently reviewed DistX and clearly understands our vision and potential. There is an obvious opportunity for collaboration given DistX will likely become the place to discover the latest crypto gems.

We’ll be offering promotional services on successful token sales running through the DistX platform. BitBoy is our YouTube reviewer of choice and we couldn’t be happier about joining forces in this way. BitBoy will continue to be the best place for reviews of the latest and greatest projects, and given our features ensuring safety, security and confidence in token sale participation, you can be sure the DistX projects BitBoy reviews will be of the highest quality.

“I’m proud to be working directly with DISTX. This project is helping to clean up the space and legitimize token sales during a time when investors have to be extremely careful.” — BitBoy

Right now in crypto, it can be difficult avoiding scams and rugpulls. We’re seeing it a lot, from some very high profile, high liquidity projects. As DistX works hard to clean up the new project market, we will continue to work with trusted, very public partners. BitBoy is a great fit, very professional and thorough with their research, and we look forward to working together to become the new standard in token sales.

BitBoy Crypto:
YouTube Channel

Expect more big things from us in the coming weeks as we lead up to launch on October 28!

Daniel & Adrian
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