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DISTX Collectible Series NFT’s

Hello! Anyone who has been following DISTX recently knows we’ve started pumping out some exclusive NFT’s.

Honestly, the community has ended up enjoying them a lot more than we originally expected so we set out to create a collectible series that we can use to drive engagement and reward the community for that engagement!

Enter, the DISTX Collectibles:

What are they?

Each collectible is a Rarible NFT. That means you can store it, buy it and sell it on any supporting exchange, OpenSea for example.

We have 10 unique animals, each that will be awarded for a specific task at a specific moment. They are minted with 100 billion supply, but with only a small amount being rewarded each time so we can re-run them later down the track.

Why would I collect them?

You mean besides the fact that they look awesome?

The first 5 people to collect all 10 NFT’s and reach out to us on telegram (dm Adrian) will win 20,000 DISTX each, currently valued at $2600 USD. That’s a huge prize just for collecting some sweet items!

It won’t be easy, they will be spread out amongst events before and after launch so you’ll need to keep your eye on our telegram to find out when they go up for collection!

Make sure, the NFT comes from us and not a copy cat! We’re working on getting verified but for now, you can find the creator here;


Introducing the NFT’s

Fomo Frog

Some of you are already familiar with our friend Fomo frog! 100 have been awarded to viewers of the DISTX Livestream AMA.

More will be awarded for future events, keep an eye on telegram if you missed out on the first batch!

Never Sellephant

Never Sellephant is the next one to be given out! Rewarded for holding DISTX, details will come soon for the giveaway of this majestic animal!

Airdrop Canary

Airdrop canary will be awarded to anyone who receives the first AirDrop on DISTX. This will happen when the first sale completes and the Top 200 holders receive their free DISTXR tokens. Make sure to be in the top 200 by the end of our first sale to win yours!

All Time High

A fan favourite, All Time High will have a giveaway the moment DISTX crosses its ATH! Watch Telegram for specifics once it happens!


Bullish is a favourite of mine personally, I mean look at that jumper. Bullish will be given away when the entire front page of CoinGecko is more than 5% in the green. A signal that the bull market has returned once more.


Catoshi! Look at those glasses! Catoshi’s event will begin once BTC crosses $13,000 USD once again. Let’s go!

Dumper Dog

Dumper Dog, rocking that I don’t care beanie. His event will begin the moment ETH drops below $300 USD. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen for some time!

(If it doesn’t, we’ll change the value and announce the event in Telegram).

Moon Mouse

Moon mouse reminds me of a character from that hit cartoon Arthur. Right?

This lovely animals event will kick in when a token sold on DISTX pulls a 5x :)

OTC Ostrich

OTC Ostrich! His sassy event will start when DISTX’s 5th Sale on the platform ends. Look forward to it!

Token Seal

Last but not least, Token Seal. Once 5 sales have had their liquidity tokens locked using DISTX, Token Seal’s event will begin! Should be exciting!

Daniel & Adrian
Web: distx.io
Telegram: t.me/distxio
Twitter: twitter.com/distxio




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