DistX Launch and Updates

Hey All!

So we launched! Pretty successfully I would say, the site’s been up with no issues as has all the connectivity.

If you missed it, we did a quick little Livestream before it went up and answered some questions and whatnot. It was a fun day and a great way to end the hectic build-up to launch.

So what’s coming next?

As many of you might already know, our marketing has kicked in. Originally we were aiming for more of a blitz campaign, but after what happened to 2 major exchanges and a competitor who followed a similar tactic we had to change mid stream.

We still hit TikTok,Reddit,4chan, and youtube comments hard, but we're aiming for a much cleaner campaign that won’t end with a dump of the token.

Right now we are focused on three things;

  1. Bringing in sales to the platform
  2. Bringing in buyers for those sales
  3. Adding value and volume to the DISTX token

And in line with those three objectives, we’ve started a marketing campaign I’m quite proud of.


First, we have our Twitter/Reddit advertisements which are aimed at bringing in sales. These are a one week run right now, but so far out we’ve had over 37 projects reach out because of those ads in 48 hours. A huge effort!

Out of those 37 projects, 11 are in the KYC stage and 3 are close to completing it.

We’re trying to spread out those sales so it’s a little easier for people to move ether around but so far, I’m very happy with it.

We’ll continue to run those campaigns as the more sales we have the more users we will attract.


We are running advertising campaigns on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Twitter along with some other crypto sites we can’t mention just yet for the sales currently on our platform!

We will be offering this to all presales on DistX right now, a small cost-effective marketing campaign to help them sell out in those initial days.

The hope with all of those adverts is to bring buyers looking for those sales which naturally drives the engagement of DistX leading to bigger buy and burns and so on.

We will also be organizing some youtube video marketing for the initial few sales to make sure our first few sales are a success :)


And finally, our token itself. We need more volume and holders, we had a marketing campaign ready including 2 top 5 exchange listings, however, both of those exchanges have gone through some security issues and closed listings for the time being.

Fret not! We are in talks with another big exchange and trying to get that closed out ASAP. In the meantime, we have our 5 youtube videos across 3 creators lined up ready to go. Those videos are focused on the value the platform brings to the token, including staking, to help drive holders and not a quick pump and dump cycle.

New Team Members

In line with everything above, we needed some more help. The DistX team has grown substantially in the last few weeks, most of the team would prefer to remain anonymous however they are all people here in Perth that we know personally. Let’s do a quick rundown!

We’ll be adding everyone to the team section of the site shortly.

Patrick — Marketing and Communications

Patrick is on board as the person who will ensure sales succeed on our platform, this means working with them throughout the sale and ensuring that if we need to spend on advertising or put our focus into a sale we can do that. He’s also in charge of all our marketing, social media, and influencer aspects.

So far he’s done a bang up job, he’s hired full time for 12 months.

Rian — Business Development Manager

Rian is a great asset to DistX. Rian’s job is to onboard, offboard, and locate potential sales for the DistX platform. On top of that, he will be chasing down partnerships that help expand our offering out to a wider audience.

Rian has extensive experience with KYC procedures and is the unlucky man who has to sort through all the sale KYC before they can be listed on our platform.

He’s hired for 12 months at full time.

Joel — DevOps

We’ve mentioned this before, but I think most people don’t understand what DevOps is! Joel’s role is to ensure that the frontend, backend, nodes, and databases all scale effectively and for the growth we predict.

Joel has extensive experience working in the technical sector here in Perth and brings a wealth of experience. No point building great code if it’s down all the time!

Joel is hired on a contract basis for work delivery.

James — Marketing

James has been here for a while, we alluded to him a while ago but he wanted his name kept out of the public. James has great contacts in crypto and gets us in touch with exchanges,YouTubers, and influencers who can help DistX expand.

James is hired on a per lead basis.

To the future!

I think that’s everyone, last names will be added to our site once the team gets back to me if they’re all happy to have Linkedin's connected and so on.

Right now, we have constant updates going out to the frontend (like the spooky ghost) which are all aimed at making that home page more engaging and driving engagement with the sales before they start.

We’re also focused on helping the price of the token stabilize and grow before any of the sales starts. And then onto staking!

Exciting times ahead, I’m glad you’re all along for the ride and hopefully, this answers any questions you’ve had!




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