Changes to Early Access

Hey All!

We’ve now had two sales on the platform run, and in that time we’ve collected a whole bunch of analytics and feedback on the early access component of a sale. We appreciate all of you inundating us with feedback, there’s nothing greater than seeing the community engage with something you’ve made and formed opinions on it. I love that part of this process.

Due to that process; we’ve made some adjustments to future sales on the platform which should help with the early access being more desirable bringing more buy pressure to the DistX token.

Early Access now has separate pricing

We’ve enabled teams to set a separate price on an early private sale vs the public sale.

This was the biggest complaint by sale teams, they want to adjust pricing so the two rounds are distinct. From now on, that will be an option in our form and we’re happy to work with teams on what prices would be the best to set.

This means people wanting the lowest price possible know they need to grab DISTX in order to achieve it.

Early Access now has a separate cap

The other feedback is that it’s odd when a sale does extremely well (like Carbon) right out of the gate but seems to hit a wall. This wall occurs because the people interested in early access have completed their purchasing, making it seem like the sale itself has stalled.

From now on, teams can set a custom time limit or cap on early access. They can determine they only want that low price for 100 ETH or for 15 minutes. Driving even more demand for people to snap up DISTX faster to achieve their purchase within that time limit or cap limit.

Early Access now has a new minimum

In order for teams to enable early access, 5000 DISTX will be the minimum amount set. This is much more in line with current costs and will add more sustainable buy pressure to the token.

Hopefully that all makes sense to everyone, just a few tweaks on the sale process to help push that early access component and make it more attractive to buyers!




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