Another New Feature for DistX

Part of being in the crypto space for as long as we have been is the experience to know when the market is shifting towards a new paradigm. With this experience comes the knowledge that anything you build has to be modular, scalable and responsive enough that it can capitalise on these shifts in the market. This is something we set out to achieve with our planning of the DistX platform.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are gaining traction across the space, from collectible art to blockchain based games and everything in between. New token sales are offering NFT tokens as a reward for participation, current projects are deploying collectible cards as a way to incentivise holders to keep holding, and so much more.

We’re happy to introduce some NFT support for DistX token sales.

NFT Sales

As NFT tokens are similar to ERC20 with some added functionality, we have added NFT support to our sale contracts. This means any company can decide to deploy ERC721 tokens (NFT) instead of ERC20 tokens.

They can create a custom piece of artwork for the presale and sell their NFT tokens directly through DISTX. There’s no difference in any of the functionality, except a buyer can see the image or data on the tokens being sold directly on

This opens up our market to allow us to support any companies trying to move into the NFT space. They can now with one click, create an NFT and open a presale selling off those tokens for their fund raise.


DISTXR was always originally planned to be an NFT token, it just makes sense with what it is. With the whole space moving to more NFT adoption, this can be an even easier reality as NFTs are now supported in all the major wallets with an easy way to see the data on those tokens.

This gives us the ability to do something we though might have been impossible a month ago, we will be adding DISTXR as a collectible and following standard metadata formats which means when you view your DISTXR in Metamask Mobile or Etherscan you will see the logo of the sale it was for and the amount of tokens that particular DISTXR can be redeemed for.

Don’t worry if your wallet doesn’t support this functionality, it will still support the DISTXR token and you can see all that data on our site.

We will continue to adapt and grow with the market, as DistX is a crypto-specific product and this space is constantly shifting.

34 days til launch!

Daniel & Adrian



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