Hey All!

Exciting times here at DistX as usual! It’s almost time to get your Carbon tokens, less than 8 hours left!

As most of you know, this was our first sale that successfully completed and it’s been a real learning curve for myself and everyone involved. …

Hey all!

As most of you know, the 25% of all unsold tokens from the Carbon sale are being airdropped to 50 DistX holders (1000 minimum).

Now that the sale has ended, it’s time to pick those winners!

How did we pick those winners?

It’s quite simple, rather than using any on-contract code to pick the…

Up to $20,000 USDT for grabs

Hey all!

We’re opening up a bug bounty program to help us test both the frontend and backend of our application and keep on top of anything that might arise.

If you want to earn some USDT for your efforts in testing applications read below for the full details.

Project Scope and Timeframe


Hey All!

We’ve now had two sales on the platform run, and in that time we’ve collected a whole bunch of analytics and feedback on the early access component of a sale. We appreciate all of you inundating us with feedback, there’s nothing greater than seeing the community engage with…

Hey All.

Some of you may have noticed Daniel has been a little quieter in telegram than usual so we wanted to make a formal announcement to keep you all in the loop!

Daniel has decided to step back from DistX and continue operating in an advisory position. Obviously, he’ll…

Hey All!

So we launched! Pretty successfully I would say, the site’s been up with no issues as has all the connectivity.

If you missed it, we did a quick little Livestream before it went up and answered some questions and whatnot. …

Hey all,

As you can imagine, it’s been a wild week getting ready for launch and doing everything we can to ensure it’s met. I’m happy to say we are still on track :)

We’ve had to make a few on the fly changes to our marketing and launch as…

It’s time to give away the Never Sellephant NFT! Never Sellephant is the second in our 10 collectible series.

As a reminder, the first 5 people to collect all 10 of these collectible NFT’s will win 20,000 DISTX each! Massive!

How to collect Never Sellephant!

As the name implies, Never Sellephant is for our DISTX…

DISTX Collectible Series NFT’s

Hello! Anyone who has been following DISTX recently knows we’ve started pumping out some exclusive NFT’s.

Honestly, the community has ended up enjoying them a lot more than we originally expected so we set out to create a collectible series that we can use to drive engagement and reward the…


The most rewarding and flexible token sale platform.

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